IBC Consultant

Mission & Values

IBC Consultant’s Mission:

To help businesses work better, faster and more efficiently by providing them with the right talent at the right time to keep their business productive and successful.

To help candidates live the life they love by providing them with fulfilling career opportunities that utilize their unique talents and skills, while driving them on toward greater success.

Our Mission in Action

IBC Consultants has a deep understanding of the businesses they serve and the unique qualities that make a candidate ideal for their opportunities. Immersed in the community and powered by the latest technologies, we are able to rapidly locate the right talent and recruit them to our clients’ high-priority positions. In so doing, we infuse businesses with the kind of talent that enables them to work better, faster and more productively.

Our focus translates to expanded career opportunities for candidates and an open door to sought-after companies that entrust IBC Consultants with their workforce initiatives. Job seekers are able to tap into our vast network of business relationships and attract the attention of hiring managers, gaining a real advantage over competing candidates. So, that dream job that fits their career aspirations to a tee is well within their grasp—enabling them to live the life they love!

Our Connections. Your success.

Our strong, long-term connections—with the most admired companies—mean a new world of possibilities for your career. Partnering with IBC Consultants is the kind of proactive move that can put you on an inside track, give you access to more career opportunities, and get you that dream job faster than going it alone.

If you have the right skills and the desire to succeed, we can help you find employment opportunities with the best companies in the world.

Today, IBC Consultants is a leading global workforce solutions company offering a wide range of job opportunities to professionals in nearly every industry and discipline. From the engineering department to the lab to the data center.

Why IBC Consultants?

IBC Consultants retains a demonstrated commitment to leadership and creativity by creating lasting relationships between our talent and customers. Our core competency is recruiting and placing top quality temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire professionals.

Our sensitivity to both the requirements of employers and applicants has established a level of credibility unrivaled in the staffing industry:

• IBC Consultants is committed to quality placements and exceptional customer service.

• Safety is a number one priority: we thoroughly screen candidates and match qualified candidates to jobs that they are well-suited.

Skills assessment

IBC Consultants understands the importance of an accurate measure of an individual’s skills. To assist with the measurement process, IBC Consultants provides skills testing as a service to clients.

We test candidate proficiency in more than 50 software packages by our professional skills testing staff. The skills of each IBC Consultants’ associate are rated on a scale of one to 100.

Our goal is long-term client relationships and we're dedicated to maintaining a competitive fee structure.

Our staffing procedures result in:

• Your satisfaction with jobs well done

• Greater employee retention and morale

Our screening procedures result in:

• Reduced turnover

• Greater employee retention and morale

• Opportunities for employee advancement and development

Licensed training seminars/certifications:

We maintain a licensed seminar/certification track that yields security with real-world skills. Once professionals are in our program, we ensure their education remains current and ongoing via:
• Problem solving and effective decision making abilities

• Negotiation skills and ability to persuade

• Experience in detail investigations and researching facts

• Maintaining business relationships

Service Excellence

The Standard that Defines Our Business
IBC Consultant’s service excellence is much more than a lofty marketing concept; it is the uncompromising standard that defines the way we do business. We’re so serious about service excellence that a portion of executive compensation is tied directly to our ability to meet your expectations. IBC Consultant’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our business—from the way we interact with clients and candidates, to the quality of talent and opportunities we provide, to the results we achieve.

Our Commitment

IBC Consultant is uniquely positioned to deliver a standard of service that is unmatched throughout our industry. We are committed to providing service excellence to the candidates, clients and customer enterprises that place their trust in us.

For Our Candidates

We will treat you with dignity and respect. We will help you identify and match your skills, talents and experience to the best job possible.

For Our Clients

We will provide you with the most qualified, motivated candidates when and where you need them. We will get to know your company, your culture, your hiring criteria and the challenges you face, making your job faster and easier.

An Inclusive Business Model

Focused on people, IB Consultants is a staffing company committed to fostering an inclusive business climate for everyone—from candidates and customers, to employees and suppliers, to the communities in which we serve.

By promoting inclusion with the same fervor we attach to quality, capability and competency, and drawing from a diverse array of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, IB Consultants is able to improve the services and value we deliver to clients, employees and shareholders.

Diversity—and the respect, understanding and collaboration it promotes—is a critical component of IBC Consultant’s business model. As a network of locally owned staffing offices, diversity is more than a corporate initiative; it is a priority that plays out on a practical level in our business every day.