IBC is a subsidiary owned by International Business Channels formally known as IBC, a 24 years old business organization.

With the precious experience from all the diversified businesses the group ventured into the Healthcare Industry. We supply High Quality Medical Disposables with an objective to serve the society with a human touch with its world class quality products and excellent service network.

Our business philosophy is based on delivering value, constantly inspires our people to innovate, excel and set new global benchmarks. We remain committed to aggressively pursuing our responsibility of 'Nurturing mankind with safe and quality medical devices. we guarantee the best quality, hygienic, sterile, durable & reliable products.
With a vision to conquer new horizons of excellence, our strength lies in its use of top quality material and its experienced professionals. We believe in delivering the best, and nothing but the best!

IBC Medics is supplying a wide range of disposable medical IBC Medics’ product line includes Disposable Syringes, Disposable Needles, Infusion Sets, I.V. Cannulas, Surgical Blades, Scalpels, Scalp vein Sets, Blood collection tubes, Blood collection needle and Blood Collection Set.


Our product’s quality assurance system conforms to ISO: 13485 and ISO: 9001 standards encompass a comprehensive and exhaustive series of visual, physical, chemical and bacteriological tests and inspection at various stages in the production cycle, beginning with constant surveillance of raw materials and its suppliers, intensive in-process control of all manufactured components and sub-assemblies to the final inspection and testing of the